My name's Jason and I collect anything and everything Nintendo. I post a fair amount of original pictures and do brief reviews on some rare and unheard of Nintendo oddities.

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My friends and I decided to keep track of all the games that we beat this year. It’s not a contest or anything but in January the four of us are going to compare notes and see what we’ve been able to accomplish.

After recently beating Earthbound and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, I’ve been trying to come up with what game to play next. I decided on a game I’ve played and enjoyed but have never beaten: Wario Land for the Virtual Boy.

Don’t let all the red fool you, it’s actually a ton of fun. One of my favorite games growing up was Wario Land on the Gameboy and it so happens that the Virtual Boy game is a better sequel than any of the Gameboy versions.

The Virtual Boy wasn’t known for having great games but if you own one, this is the best game for it!

Making it a point to beat the games I play and keeping a list of them has caused me to beat a lot more that I usually do and it gets me really excited for the next game so I highly suggest trying it for yourself! Have fun!